More Grease! An Onanon Story.

By the time I heard Onanon they’d been broken up for ages. That didn’t bother me much. They might as well have been The Clean, as far as I was concerned. They may as well have been Black Sabbath or Nina Simone. I lived in Linkwater; every good band was mythical. Even the ones who…

Griffin v Griffin

Francisca Griffin is a much-loved songwriter and musician based in Port Chalmers, Dunedin. She’s dealt magic in various celebrated kiwi acts, including Look Blue Go Purple, Bel-Curves, The Cartilage Family and Cyclops. Currently, she records songs under her own name and plays them with her live band, The Bus Shelter Boys. Gabriel Griffin is an…

Meet The Trendees!

It was one of those insignificant days of the week – a Tuesday let’s say, afternoon – when The Trendees knocked me on the head. From the safety of my kitchen table I’d discovered the thumbnail & followed the link and found myself in some other room in some other house in bloody Oamaru. Ah…

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